Termite and Timber Pest


Termite and timber pest inspections can be done as part of your pre-purchase due diligence or as an annual health check service for your new home.

The chance of a termite infestation in Australia is high with hundreds of species, and at least 20 of them capable of eating through solid wood. This can cause serious damage which can results in expensive risks to the structural integrity of your home.

Our inspectors are all qualified timber pest inspectors who will inspect every room for termite activity (if there is safe access). This includes the property boundary or, up to 30 metres from the main building for larger properties.

The report will detail:

  • Any areas of termite, borer, and wood decay activity.
  • Areas of termite, borer, and wood decay damage.
  • Conditions conducive to a termite attack.
  • Construction issues that may facilitate termite entry.


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