Pre-Settlement Inspection


This inspection is generally completed 5 to 7 days prior to settlement. It is a chance for you to check everything is in the same condition as it was when you first placed your offer, and everything is working as it should. 

The report records plumbing, gas and electrical fittings and fixture operation on the day of inspection. In an average house there can be over 100 electrical, plumbing and gas items to check.

It is very similar to our Electrical Plumbing and Gas Inspection so most clients choose one or the other. There are advantages to either option. Items picked up early allow the seller time to fix issues or source materials. While inspecting at settlement gives you real time results. If completed early, there is always the possibility items can break before settlement.

This report complies with Australian Standard 4349.0. This is not a compliance inspection. A compliance inspection of technical aspects is not included and needs to be conducted by a licensed electrician, plumber and gas fitter.


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