Strata Condition Reports Perth

Provide your council of owners with a clear understanding of building maintenance requirements with our 10 year maintenance plans.


Our condition reports and 10-year plans provide a clear understanding of building maintenance requirements so your Council of Owners can adequately prepare and budget for costs ahead.

Section 77 of the Strata Titles Regulations 2019 brought a swathe of new obligations for Council of Owners, including being personally liable for their management of the Strata Complex. Home Integrity understands these challenges and has evolved a best-in-class service for Strata Owners.

Compliant reporting

Our reports satisfy section 100(2A) of the Strata Titles Act 1985 and regulation 77 of the Strata Titles (General) Regulations 2019. They have been reviewed and deemed compliant by Sean Macfarlane – Special Council and co-author of the new Strata Regulation.

Our solution to 10 year maintenance plans

We offer three packages which we recommend depending on strata size and requirements.

10 Year Plan

Condition Report – grouped

Typically around 34 items.

10 Year duration – 1 plan

Details the schemes current and future expenses.

10 Year Plan Plus

Condition Report – itemized

Typically 90 to 160 items.

10 Year Duration – 1 plan.

Details the schemes current and future expenses.

Includes Pre-Populated Request for Quotation (RFQ) documents for urgent maintenance items.

10 Year Plan Premium

Condition Report – itemized

Typically 90 to 160 items.

20 Year Duration – 3 plans.

  • Recommendation for funding – levies.
  • Recommendation for funding – capital raising.
  • Recommendation for funding – following CoO review and cost smoothing initiatives.

Includes Pre-Populated Request for Quotation (RFQ) documents for urgent maintenance items.

View all plan inclusions

  • Roofs and gutters.
  • Walls (including retaining walls).
  • Floors.
  • Ceilings.
  • Windows, eaves, flashings, soffits, and windowsills.
  • Downpipes.
  • Foundations of buildings.
  • Driveways.
  • Footpaths.
  • Steps.
  • Stairs and stair railings.
  • Doors and doorways (including fire doors).
  • Lighting.
  • Storage or plant rooms.
  • Fencing and gates.
  • Balconies, railings, and balustrades.
  • Lifts.
  • Ventilation.
  • Fire services, fire alarms and fire hoses.
  • Air conditioning systems.
  • Building and ancillary structures.
  • Utility conduits and services.
  • Garbage disposal.
  • Hot water systems.
  • Electrical systems.
  • Post boxes.
  • Security components.
  • Swimming pools, spas and pumps or filters.
  • Water bores and water tanks.
  • Backflow devices and pumping devices.
  • Car stackers.
  • Roof access safety equipment.
  • Solar and other sustainability infrastructure.
  • Disability access facilities.


  • Photos of areas inspected.
  • Photos and required action for defects and issues.
  • Budgets.
  • Itemised maintenance areas listed short-, medium- and long-term priority.
  • Full Inspector Debrief.

Understanding strata inspections in Perth

In Perth, the importance of a thorough strata inspection can’t be overstated. Given the complexity of strata schemes and the intricate web of regulations, such as the Strata Titles Act 1985 and Strata Title Regulations 2019, there is a pressing need for strata inspections that ensure the well-being of every strata unit and common property within the strata.

The significance of 10-Year maintenance plans and a strata report

A 10-year maintenance plan isn’t just a mere document, it’s a testament to the foresight and commitment towards ensuring the longevity of the strata complex. These plans, written in plain English and following an easy to understand format, provide clarity on current issues, replacement value, future maintenance requirements, and maintenance costs.

Why rely on Home Integrity for your strata inspections?

Our team at Home Integrity Strata, comprising of registered builders, structural engineers, and quantity surveyors, not only have a keen eye for defects, but also provide a detailed report on maintenance items and needs. Our comprehensive report will highlight any major defects and safety concerns, giving you peace of mind and a clear path forward.

Navigating Perth and WA's strata landscape

Perth and greater WA strata complexes vary in their level of detail and maintenance issues. Whether you’re a Strata Manager, part of a Council of Owners, or a potential property buyer, understanding the intricacies of strata titles, from the number of lots to every aspect of maintaining a strata complex, is vital. Information about the strata scheme, regulations, and maintenance plans are key components for a successful strata experience.

The reserve fund: Planning for the future

The reserve fund plays a pivotal role in the strata landscape. It’s the backbone for future maintenance needs, ensuring that the Council of Owners is prepared for any unforeseen expenses. With our expertise, we provide guidance on the right balance for your reserve fund, ensuring longevity and fiscal responsibility.

Making an informed decision

For those looking to buy a property within a strata complex in Perth, it’s crucial to have all the necessary information at your fingertips. From understanding the scope of the inspection, which can include over 160 items, to deciphering complex building reports, it’s a journey that requires precision and due diligence. Our strata condition reports in Perth make that decision to buy simpler, backed by undeniable evidence and expert insights.

Please contact our team for a customised quote

Every strata, every inspection, and every report completed by our team at Home Integrity Strata aims to empower strata companies, managers, and buyers. With our easy-to-understand reports, we have made sure that you would have no hesitation in making informed choices for your strata’s future. Reach out to request an inspection and step into a future of clarity and confidence.

Case Study: Builder Liability

In 2020 we completed a Condition Report and 10 Year Maintenance Plan for a large 2 year old scheme in Claremont. When reviewing the reports


The A-Team in Strata building inspections across Perth and the South West.

Steve Flint

Building Inspector

Registered Builder BP12445, Qualified Timber Pest & Termite Inspector

Anne Hetherington

Administration Manager

Jo Harding



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Home Integrity did what their name suggests - they respected and responded to the integrity of the home we are looking at and supplied us with the info that we needed to make an informed decision.
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We have used Home Integrity 3 times on our new build. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again and have recommended them to others. They are very thorough and picked up things that we wouldn't have thought of. An absolute God send.
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Report was very detailed and response prompt. Appreciated the photos
Highly recommend Home Integrity. Very simple process to book, the inspector went above and beyond and has truly helped us out, very kind and very knowledgeable.

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