Pre-Purchase Building Inspection. What Does The Seller Have To Fix?

Pre-Purchase building Inspection

New Building Inspection Report Summary – Major Structural Defects

Reading and understanding a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report can be difficult!

Some Pre-Purchase Building Reports can be filled with so much Building jargon, understanding which photos represent building elements built well, versus building elements that are an issue can be very confusing.

Other Pre-Purchase Building Reports have page, after page, of Terms, Conditions and Limitations that can leave you wondering. “Is this report worth the paper it is written on?”.

Who can carry out a pre-purchase inspection report?

Then there is the question of “Is the inspector qualified?” and what qualifications do inspectors in WA actually need? Registration or License?

There are NO minimum qualifications or requirements for Building Inspectors in WA. There are in other States, but not WA which is alarming. If an inspector is stating they are “Licenced” and quotes a number you should be cautious, as there are no licencing requirements in WA.

It is possible they are part of a franchise or paid a license fee to operate in a particular area. So, who can you trust? You wouldn’t buy a used car without having it thoroughly inspected by an experienced and qualified mechanic, well the same can be said for houses and Registered Builders.

WA Registered Builders are Registered with the Building Commission of Western Australia and have a Builders Registration number. Whether you are a Buyer, Seller, Real Estate Agent or Conveyancer. A report that is easy to read, understand and completed by a professional will give you comfort to make informed decisions and take action.

At Home Integrity Building Consultants, we want to make buying a home stress-free and easy

All Home Integrity inspectors are experienced, WA Registered Builders, qualified to inspect for Timber Pests and Termites and hold Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Home Integrity Building Consultants understand people are different and may require varying levels of detail to feel comfortable, so we created different reports with varying detail to provide comfort based on specific needs. Structural, Structural Plus and Structural Premium.

The WA Building Inspection Annexure

Regardless of the level of inspection selected: Structural, Structural Plus or Structural Premium, all reports satisfy the requirements of the Australian Standard 4349.1 Pre-Purchase Inspections of Residential Buildings and Building Inspection Annexures conditions.

The most popular building inspection annexure currently used in WA is the REIWA Australian Standard Building Inspection Annexure dated 2019. In a nutshell, this annexure obligates the seller to action if there are Major Structural Defects to the residential building.

To satisfy this annexure and make it clear with regards to Major Structural Defects to the residential Building, Home Integrity have created a special summary page that highlights the requirements of the REIWA annexure perfectly.

If there are no Major Structural Defects to the Residential Building a summary like the one below will be generated in the report.

Major Structural Defects Building Inspection Perth

If there are Major Structural Defects to the Residential Building a summary like the one below will be generated listing the Major Structural Defects.

Major Structural Defects Perth Building Inspections

From the summary, a Buyer, Seller, Real Estate Agent or Conveyancer can clearly see the condition of the REIWA Australian Standard Building Inspection Annexure has been dealt with. This allows the appropriate notices to be issued or resolve that the condition may now be satisfied.

Full details of any Major Structural Defects including photos are recorded as normal in the body of the report. This will assist with remedial works or any other appropriate action to be taken.

“I was very pleased with how comprehensive Steve was on his report, along with the ability to pick up the phone and have a good chat with him and talk to him to discuss all pages in the report. Steve was more than happy to answer any questions I had and was happy for me to call him going forward if needed.” Adam, Dawesville

If you need a Structural Pre-Purchase Building and / or Timber Pest (Termite) inspection we can take care of everything fast. Book online by clicking here. Email us on [email protected], or call the team on 08 6184 5624.

What Are You Looking For?

Pre-purchase inspections

Identify major defects or issues that could impact your new property’s value and liveability.

Construction Progress Inspections

Identify major defects early before your build moves to the next stage.

Strata Inspections

Providing a clear understanding of building maintenance requirements.

Owner Builder Inspections

Offering a second set of qualified eyes to assess the work of your trades.

Termite & Timber Pest Inspections

Qualified timber pest inspectors who will inspect every room for termite activity.

Building Disputes

Our team is here to help you with your building and construction dispute.

Defect Inspections

Determine any faults or defects in a building with a qualified building inspector.

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We see you have added an Electrical, Plumbing and Gas inspection (EPG) with a Pre-Settlement inspection. 

Please note these are very similar inspections, just performed at different times. The EPG occurs during your pre-purchase inspection, while the Pre-Settlement occurs 5-7 days before settlement. 

If you require both please proceed to check out. Alternatively, remove one and continue.

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