What Does A Building Inspection Cost In Perth?

Building inspector on a ladder performing a building inspection

You’ve just purchased the home of your dreams and now you’re budgeting for the additional costs to complete the sale, such as a building inspection, settlement fees, insurances, removalists and more.

This blog demystifies the costs of having a building inspection completed in Perth, Mandurah, Bunbury or the Greater Southwest in Western Australia.

For a single-story home building inspection in Western Australia, prices vary greatly, from as little as $250 to as much as $1495.

With such a wide variance in price and the quality of service, you may become overwhelmed or frustrated when comparing alternatives. In this state, you may lean toward ‘who has the cheapest price’, which is a dangerous way to make such an important decision.

You’re about to make one of the most important financial decisions of your life. It is important to choose an inspection company that will deliver a service you can trust.

In this blog, we break down the costs for each inspection you may need when buying a home in Perth.

5 Main Factors that Affect the Price of Your Building Inspection

There are a number of factors that affect the type and scope of the inspection, which changes what an inspector will charge for their services. Here, I break down the 5 main factors that affect the price of your inspection.

1. Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection is a visual assessment of the structural and non-structural elements of the home for major defects. The structural elements generally consist of footings, ground slab or floor frame, exterior walls, interior walls, ceiling frame, roof frame and any retaining walls that are associated with the main residence. Non-structural elements (not usually included in a report of this nature) consist of ceilings, tiling and roof cover to name a few.

Expect to Budget: From $250 to $990 depending on the scope, inspector qualifications and size of the home.

At Home Integrity, our Structural Inspections are $350. Each one of our building inspectors is a registered builder with Professional Indemnity Insurance, meaning our pricing is extremely competitive.

2. Timber Pest Inspection

A Timber Pest Inspection is a visual inspection for timber pest activity, damage and conducive conditions. Timber pests in Perth include termites, borers and wood decay fungi.

Expect to Budget: From $130 to $445 depending on the scope, inspector qualifications and size of the home.

At Home Integrity our Timber Pest Inspections are $195.

3. Pre Settlement Inspection

A Pre-Settlement Inspection involves a non-technical assessment of the electrical, plumbing and gas fixtures and fittings to ensure they are operating in “good working order”.

Expect to Budget: From $295 to $450 depending on the scope, inspector qualifications and size of the home.

At Home Integrity, our Pre Settlement Inspections are $350.

4. Swimming Pool Inspections

A Swimming Pool Inspection includes operational checks and a visual inspection of the swimming pool or spa, pool equipment (including heating) and an inspection of the pool cover and safety barrier.

Expect to Budget: The local pool cleaning shop may conduct a basic inspection for as little as $75, whereas an experienced pool builder can charge up to $395.

At Home Integrity, our specialised pool consultant conducts a comprehensive pool inspection for $295.

5. Home Size

The size of the home can also be a factor in the cost of your building inspection, as the inspector is required to be on-site for a longer period of time. Some inspection companies charge more for larger homes or two-storey homes.

Expect to Budget: Some inspection companies in Perth charge per bedroom, while others apply additional surcharges for two-storey homes.

At Home Integrity, we believe we have the fairest system. We do not charge additional for two-storey homes however we do charge 30% extra for large homes over 450 sqm, to ensure the inspector has the appropriate amount of time to complete a thorough investigation. For smaller homes, such as one and two bedroom units, we offer a 30% discount.

At Home Integrity, our large team of qualified, registered builders are Perth’s most trusted building inspectors. You can see for yourself – check out the abundance of 5 star google reviews here.

If you’d like a quote for an inspection on a home you are buying, click here and you will get an instant price on our complete range of services to assist with your budgeting. You can also book and pay through our very simple, online process.

What Are You Looking For?

Pre-purchase inspections

Identify major defects or issues that could impact your new property’s value and liveability.

Construction Progress Inspections

Identify major defects early before your build moves to the next stage.

Strata Inspections

Providing a clear understanding of building maintenance requirements.

Owner Builder Inspections

Offering a second set of qualified eyes to assess the work of your trades.

Termite & Timber Pest Inspections

Qualified timber pest inspectors who will inspect every room for termite activity.

Building Disputes

Our team is here to help you with your building and construction dispute.

Defect Inspections

Determine any faults or defects in a building with a qualified building inspector.

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We see you have added an Electrical, Plumbing and Gas inspection (EPG) with a Pre-Settlement inspection. 

Please note these are very similar inspections, just performed at different times. The EPG occurs during your pre-purchase inspection, while the Pre-Settlement occurs 5-7 days before settlement. 

If you require both please proceed to check out. Alternatively, remove one and continue.

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