Spring Maintenance Tips From Our Building Inspectors

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As the vibrant hues of spring start to grace the landscape in Perth, Western Australia, homeowners are gearing up for their annual spring cleaning routines. However, beyond decluttering and dusting, there’s another crucial aspect of home care that often gets overlooked—spring maintenance. As seasoned building inspectors with a keen eye for structural integrity, we are here to shed light on the importance of a thorough spring maintenance checklist to keep your home in top-notch condition throughout the year.

1. Exterior Inspection and Cleaning:

Spring is the ideal time to assess your home’s exterior for any signs of wear and tear brought on by those harsh winter storms and scorching summer days. Check for cracks in the foundation, peeling paint, and loose or damaged eaves and flashings. Living in Perth, we’re no strangers to the intense sun, so inspect the roof for deteriorating areas. A quick pressure wash can do wonders for your home’s appearance, as well as prevent mould and mildew growth.

2. Window and Door Maintenance:

Inspect windows and doors for any gaps, cracks, or signs of moisture infiltration. Properly sealed windows and doors not only enhance energy efficiency but also keep unwanted pests at bay. Lubricate door hinges and window tracks to ensure smooth operation. Also, check for any damaged screens and repair or replace them to enjoy the fresh spring breeze without inviting insects indoors.

3. Gutters and Downpipes:

Those refreshing winter rains can quickly turn into a problem if your gutters and downpipes are clogged. Debris like leaves and twigs can obstruct proper water flow, leading to potential water damage and even foundation issues. Make it a point to clean out your gutters and downpipes ensuring water can efficiently drain away from your home.

4. Alfresco and Outdoor Spaces:

Perth’s warm climate makes outdoor living a pleasure, but it also means that your decking and outdoor spaces require regular maintenance. Examine your decking for signs of rot, loose boards, or protruding nails. Sand and reseal the wood to protect it from the sun’s UV rays and occasional rain. Clean outdoor furniture and cushions, checking for any rust or damage. If you are lucky enough to have a pool, don’t forget to give that a look over too. Be sure to engage a qualified pool technician like our mates at Pool Matrix should you be concerned about any leaks or faulty equipment.

5. Air Conditioning System Check:

As the weather transitions from cooler to warmer, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system may need attention. Clean or replace air filters to improve indoor air quality and ensure efficient operation. A well-maintained system can save you energy and reduce the risk of breakdowns when you need it most.

6. Plumbing and Drainage:

Inspect your plumbing system for any leaks, particularly in areas that are exposed to weather. Check under sinks, around toilets, and along water supply lines. Spring is also a good time to have your drains professionally cleaned to prevent blockages and backups.

7. Garden and Landscape Care:

A flourishing garden enhances your home’s curb appeal, but it requires consistent care. Prune overgrown shrubs and trees to promote healthy growth and prevent potential damage during storms. Mulch garden beds to retain moisture and suppress weeds. Test and adjust your irrigation system to ensure plants receive the right amount of water without wastage.

Embracing spring with a comprehensive maintenance routine is a proactive approach to safeguarding your home’s structural integrity and overall comfort. As a building inspector in Perth, Western Australia, we’ve seen firsthand the difference that regular maintenance can make in prolonging the lifespan of a home and preventing costly repairs down the line. By following these spring maintenance tips, you’re not only investing in your property’s value but also ensuring a safe and pleasant living environment for you and your family throughout the seasons.

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