Seller Reports

A couple are confident to buy and sell their home using seller reports

Buying or Selling a home in Western Australia can be frustrating and stressful at times for both Sellers, Buyers and Agents. A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report is essential to avoid potential building issues. But with many different selling methods available in Western Australia, understanding who can commission a Building Inspection, and when the Building Inspection be completed can leave many buyers concerned about what they are buying, and some sellers on the “back foot” when it comes to resolving issues with their home.

Selling Methods

Private Treaty (listed for sale), Auction and Set Date Sale are three popular methods for selling homes in Western Australia. All these methods of sale have different requirements/limitations when it comes to Building Inspections. Some methods allow Building Inspections to be included as a Condition of Sale, while others do not, and offer the home on an “as is” basis.

A Solution for Everyone

There are pros and cons with all sale methods for both the seller and buyer around Building Inspections. However, there is a solution to create a win/win/win for all parties when it comes to Building Inspections and reports.

Seller (Vendor) Reports or Pre-Listing Reports can alleviate frustration and stress not only for Sellers and Buyers but also serve as a powerful marketing tool for Real Estate Agents. Below is a list of benefits:


  • Saves time – no need to find a Building Inspector and schedule inspections.
  • Saves cost – seller has paid for the report.
  • Assurance – benefit of the report passes from seller to buyer.
  • Confidence – aware of issues with the home upfront.


  • Saves time – no need to make home available for multiple inspectors on different days and times.
  • Quality report – property not at the mercy of the buyer’s Building Inspector.
  • Scope of inspection – property not subject to an inspection outside of the agreement.
  • Options – the seller can choose to make repairs on issues uncovered or consider adjusting the asking price well before the property is marketed.


  • Clean Report – a Building Report with no issues increases buyer confidence and marketability of the property and can be included in Vendor Paid Marketing.
  • Known issues – Knowing about issues early allows the seller to resolve them in a timely manner.
  • Quality report – property not at the mercy of the buyer’s Building Inspector.
  • Scope of inspection – property not subject to an inspection outside of the agreement.

The Key to Success

The key to successful Seller Reports and/or Pre-Listing Reports, and most importantly having them recognised by Buyers starts with a highly regarded and trustworthy Building Inspection Company.

Home Integrity Building Consultants have won both State and National Awards, are Registered Builders, Structural Engineers and have Professional Indemnity Insurance to suitably cover Pre-Purchase Building Inspections commissioned by either Sellers or Real Estate agents, with the benefit of the report transferring to the buyer.

If you need a Building Report to assist with a Listed for Sale, Auction or Set Date Sale we can take care of all inspection reports fast. Email us at [email protected], or call our admin team on 08 6184 5624 or if you’re ready to book now, click here.

What Are You Looking For?

Pre-purchase inspections

Identify major defects or issues that could impact your new property’s value and liveability.

Construction Progress Inspections

Identify major defects early before your build moves to the next stage.

Strata Inspections

Providing a clear understanding of building maintenance requirements.

Owner Builder Inspections

Offering a second set of qualified eyes to assess the work of your trades.

Termite & Timber Pest Inspections

Qualified timber pest inspectors who will inspect every room for termite activity.

Building Disputes

Our team is here to help you with your building and construction dispute.

Defect Inspections

Determine any faults or defects in a building with a qualified building inspector.

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We see you have added an Electrical, Plumbing and Gas inspection (EPG) with a Pre-Settlement inspection. 

Please note these are very similar inspections, just performed at different times. The EPG occurs during your pre-purchase inspection, while the Pre-Settlement occurs 5-7 days before settlement. 

If you require both please proceed to check out. Alternatively, remove one and continue.

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