2020-2021 SCA Australasia Strata Service Business Winner

Home Integrity owner winning SCA Australaisa Strata Service Business award

Home Integrity Strata was named 2020-2021 SCA Australasia Strata Service Business Winner at the Strata Council of Australasia awards night in Adelaide held in June 2021.

“It is very humbling and exciting to be recognised for the efforts we have made to innovate in the strata space,” says Elias, the Founder and Managing Director of Home Integrity.

“For a building consultancy to be the frontrunner is even more impressive. Our industry is not generally known for our ‘disruption’ skills” he says.

“But what my team recognised we could do and did do, was focus our efforts entirely on how to improve outcomes for our Council of Owner clients and their Strata Management Companies,” he says.

By focusing on their needs and what would be a far superior service, Home Integrity Strata kicked off several innovative projects in 2019, the first of which was a custom reporting app.

Superior Reporting with a Custom Strata Reporting App

“We created a custom reporting app as we could not find anything ‘off the shelf’ that would deliver the type of reporting we envisaged”, says Elias.

“I can’t tell you how frustrating developing software can be at times. I must acknowledge our beta testers – our strata inspectors Lachlan and Mike, who showed incredible patience dealing with multiple software crashes in the early days of using the app” he says.

Today, the impressive reporting app powers the strata inspection processes on site and drives the outputs for Home Integrity’s Strata Condition Reports and 10 year Maintenance Plans.

Value Adding Through Quantity Surveying

Home Integrity Strata also partnered in 2019 with Asset Reports, Perth’s leading quantity surveyors.

This savvy partnership allowed the incorporation of cost forecasting into the Strata Condition Reports and 10 Year Maintenance Plans, giving accurate predictions for maintenance items for the Strata Company.

It also extended forecasting out to 20 years for premium reports, rather than the usual 10 year requirement that was legislated by the Strata Titles Amendment Bill 2018 and the Community Titles Bill 2018.

“This partnership has been a game-changer for us, and adds even more value to what we do”, says Elias.

Increasing Certainty for Council of Owners

Home Integrity’s innovations coincided with the most significant changes to strata regulations seen in nearly 15 years.

“We could see that compliance became top of mind for every Council of Owner and Strata Manager in Western Australia”, says Elias, “so we moved quickly to have our reports signed off as ‘compliant’ by Lavan Legal Property Partner, Sean MacFarlane, an industry expert who acted as lead advisor in the passage of the Strata Titles Amendment Bill 2018 and the Community Titles Bill 2018.

Comprehensive Strata Consultancy & Support

Today, Home Integrity Strata delivers a range of services for strata companies, including:

  • Strata Condition Reports & 10 Year Maintenance Plans
  • Structural Engineering Consulting & Water Ingress Investigation
  • Defect Reports & Builder Warranty Claims
  • Expert Witness Reports for Building Commission & State Administrative Tribunal

The Future

Home Integrity Strata’s expert team of specialist building consultants and support staff have a passion for redefining the future of strata.

“Our future strategy will continue to focus on innovation, collaboration and continuous improvement”, says Elias. “We are certain that if our clients remain our priority, and we are focused on better outcomes for them, we are sure to stay ahead of the game”.

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